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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Choir Music

1 Prologue (Soprano_Master
Master and Sopranos
A winters song (sop_master)
Celebration For Advent (sop_master)
Carols Of Adoration (sop)
Carols Of Promise And Praise (sop)
What Strangers Are These_ (sop_master
Jesus comes sop
11 - Messias Handel Medley (Messiah Christmas Suite)
Winters song alto
Celebration for advent Alto
Carols of adoration alto
Carols of promise (alto)
What strangers alto
Jesus comes alto
Messiah Alto
Winter song tenor
Celebration for advent tenor
Carols of adoration tenor
Carols of promise tenor
What strangers tenor
Jesus comes tenor
Messiah men
Winters song bass
Celebration for advent bass
Carols of adoration bass
Carols of promise bass
What strangers bass
Jesus comes bass
Messiah men
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